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Krön Technology Solutions / SAP Staff IT Point of View

In 2009, CIO’s Must Be Decisive and More Resourceful with respect to their Hiring / Staffing and Project Augmentation
Meeting the current economic challenges will require that CIOs lead their organizations and enterprises through decisions that have no obvious answers so require innovative solutions and actions.

CIOs will need creativity and innovation in their projects, approaches and staffing. Further, CIOs will need to demonstrate their leadership through four initiatives with respect to hiring, staffing, Project Augmentation work force effectiveness and organizational alignment:

Decisive in setting priorities.

Faster execution of top priority programs to keep pace with changing economic conditions.

Innovative restructuring of IT with emphasis on performance improvement

Modernize technical infrastructure

From our point of view, these initiatives form the core for the CIO agenda to make your in-house and outsourced resources more productive and effective. Depending on the respective starting place, CIOs then face unique challenges to create an agenda to enlist the IT leadership team to make better decisions and deliver innovation across the enterprise."

Krön Technology Solutions will provide a complimentary staffing analysis of CIO resource plans, priorities and budgets going forward. Given the volatility of economy and specific industry markets, Krön Technology offers CIOs a follow-up and provide guidance on their resources plans and budgets.

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